The Future is Predictive.

We develop robotic solutions to digitise and inspect industrial assets for safer, faster, and cheaper maintenance.



Advanced robots remove the need to send humans into hazardous environments.


Unmanned vehicles are deployed quickly, with a multitude of sensors to capture more data in less time.


Less down-time equals greater productivity, and deeper insight means reduced maintenance costs.

Extreme Environment Data Solutions

Our unique hardware and software technology stack works seamlessly with users to provide comprehensive insight of the inaccessible, and enables predictive maintenance of assets without endangering human lives.

Your Turnkey Solution

Component Design

HyBird develops bespoke parts for robust robotic systems.

System Manufacturing

Engineering advanced unmanned systems for extreme environments.

Service Delivery

Highly skilled inspection engineers remotely operating vehicles.

Enterprise Software

Cloud-based superintelligence at your fingertips for deeper insight than ever before.

Industrial Automation

Automated robot deployment infrastructure for site installation.

Celestial InSite

Inside. Insight. Off-site.


Data intelligence in your hands:

  • Connecting 2D and the 3D world
  • 3D move over. 4D is here
  • Automated localisation
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Celestial Live

Boundless real-time awareness.

Live Viewer

Enhancing Operational Safety:

  • Full 360° collision avoidance
  • LiDAR is the new camera
  • Always connected. In Real-time. Live
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Most Advanced Multi-Rotor:

  • Superior Safety System
  • Precise Data Capture
  • Full 360° Collision Avoidance
  • GPS Denied Operations
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Ground-based intelligence.
Longer endurance.
Greater resilience.

  • Superior Avoidance System
  • Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping
  • 4K 360° Video Stream
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