COLLECTING data from hazardous and otherwise hard to access places is often a necessity. Conventional methods involve a selection of high costs, human endangerment or lengthy times. Shield is the solution that eliminates all of these issues. Multi-spectral eyes and ears that can fit in smaller, higher, and more dangerous environments than any lone person can. Features include:

1080p-30fps visual specturm footage.
640p-30fps infrared footage.
Live video streaming.
Laser-guided depth perception.
3-axis protective cage.
Magnetic design for easy assembly.

Shield Confined Space Drone

FIFTEEN death per year take place in the UK alone due to accidents during confined space inspection work. This statistic can be eliminated with Shield, and is perhaps one of the most signification characteristics of Shield - life-saving.

Many inspection processes currently require operations to be shutdown during inspections, resulting in costly downtimes. With Shield, these operations can continue as normal during an inspection.

Shield Confined Space Drone


Measure everywhere.

A collision-resistant airborne, multi-sensory unit for hazardous zones. Shield saves time, costs and lives.