Complete Control.

From a single fly-by video to advanced fleet management, Celestial offeres a complete solution to users of all types.

DEVELOPED to serve both individual users and large organisations, Celestial is multi-platform, cloud based powerhouse for data aquisition, processing and implementing. Far more than just a drone controller, Celestial is a complete solution for all. Pre-programmed project types include:

Spraying Applications
Ground Mapping
Ground Monitoring
Structural Mapping
Structural Monitoring
Resource Transportation

Within each of these data aquisition project types, a user can combine different data spectrums; visual, 3D, infrared, ultraviolet, NDVI, air quality and even soil-pH, to build a truely awesome model. †


CELESTIAL allows users complete control of multiple drones simultaneously. Fleet management coupled with Siris-46's unparalleled endurance means that missions can be carried out with full autonomy.

Control drones from all popular suppliers, not just HyBird. limitations and specifications of each drone are automatically accounted for and project setting are adjusted to maximise the effectiveness of each drone within a fleet.

Project Planner page of Celestial on large screen

360 degree coverage comes from the seamless transition between cloud-control and direct-control. Projects and individual missions can be edited and overridden from anywhere in the world. Manual missions can be switched to automatic with Celestial's AI driven mission aware system.


Celestial is software built to offer a complete drone management system for all. Such a heavy-weight software package requires extremely high attention to detail and brute force coding. HyBird are working day and night to iron out all the creases to ensure we deliver the best.
† Spectrum of data acquisition depends on module attached to drone.