Vastly capable storage and maintenance. SPACE is the final piece in creating truely autonomous drone services.

DESPITE all the advances made to drones and their controlling software, there still exists a barrier to truly autonomous drone services - human intervention. SPACE is the solution. Reducing the frequency of human intervention through our hybrid powertrain merely shifts the scale of human intervention, SPACE is aimed at eliminating it all together, to bring Drones as a Service (DaaS) to all levels of enterprise. Capabilities currently in development include:

Refueling / Recharging
Health monitoring
Module storage / Swapping
Automatic deployment

SPACE Docking Station

SPACE, Celestial and Siris used in parallel can allow an area 75 miles in radius to be serviceable without human intervention.† Widespread autonomous drone-bases, such as SPACE, offer unparalleled emergency response times, as all SPACE units will contribute to the nationwide safety services via an opt-out scheme.

With situational awareness improvements made through continual use, SPACE can aid in mission planning and deployment schedules. Far more than just a dock, SPACE is all assistive services required by a drone.

Project Planner page of Celestial on large screen

† Maximum area acheived only in medium-res mapping scenarios.