HYBIRD is a London-based technology company developing long-haul drones with data acquisition systems capable of incredible feats. HyBird formed after the largest issue facing current drone technology - severely limited flight times and payload capabilities - was solved. In moving away from the slow progress of Lithium Polymer, HyBird have been able to create a power system for our drones with 8 times the energy density of Lithium Polymer.

Coupling HyBird's superior hybrid powertrain system with advanced data processing software has facilitated the birth of a potentially industry leading drone-enabled data aquisition company.

HyBird Data Aquisition

ADVISED by large players with experience in investment banking, international expansion and other senior tech advisors - HyBird has the guidance required to shake up multiple industries. Our flagship product, Siris-46, features unparalleled specifications, with the scope to disruptively impact almost all global commercial sectors - from infrastructure to logistics, and even big data.

HyBird Business Plan

Core Team

Hassan Bhatti - Chief Operating Officer Access LinkedIn Profile

A proven track record in sales, operations, business development, and finance with 8 different companies ranging from Procter & Gamble to Barclays in Internship roles since High-School. Hassan brings overseas expertise and experience to multiple areas of HyBird, having gone through successful life cycles of previous drone-based organisations.

SHassan Bhatti

Noureddine El Saidi – Chief Information Officer Access LinkedIn Profile

Noureddine is a highly technical and versatile individual, with multi-disciplinary experience, from working on a manufacturing production line to managing engineering and technology improvement projects and supplier relations at one of the largest aerospace firms. He has also received an Institute of Mechanical Engineers prize in recognition of research into novel applications of engineering principles.

Noureddine El Saidi

Henry Neilson – Director, Chief Design Officer Access LinkedIn Profile

After founding an engineering consultancy firm providing design to industry leading manufacturers, Henry has brought his design skills to HyBird to create the finest in drone design. A member of the board ensuring the interests of the company are maintained through the application of a comprehensive business strategy, and consideration for variable marketing trends.

Henry Neilson

Ahmed Mahmood – Director, Chief Executive Officer Access LinkedIn Profile

With a wealth of knowledge in corporate finance, Ahmed is responsible for HyBird’s executive and financial decisions. Having successfully launched three businesses, in diverse industries, and sitting on the advisory boards for well-established companies, he is accustomed to developing creative solutions, preparing strategic plans, and delivering company growth. Ahmed is also Policy Lead at HyBird, and is familiar with aviation laws and regulatory frameworks, which lie ahead for prospective clients.

Ahmed Mahmood

Corporate Financial Advisors

MBU Capital (UK) LLP Access LinkedIn Profile

MBU Capital is a London, UK based independent Investment Bank established in 2013 by its co‐founding partners Mohammed Iqbal (former Deputy Head of Fixed Income at Kleinwort Benson and Global Head of Credit Trading at CQS Hedge-Fund) and Robert Weir (former head of Fixed Income at Kleinwort Benson Bank). MBU Capital offers world-class asset management advisory, corporate finance and project management services to institutional clients, endowment / trusts, family-offices and ultra-high-net-worth individuals.

Shahad Ahmed

CURRENT drone technology is flawed by severely restrictive flight times, limiting application to short videos and very little else. This leaves most meaningful aerial tasks needing to be carried out by large and expensive manned vehicles - what if there were something else?